About Rachel

Rachel documents her life (and other peoples'!) wherever she goes.  Rachel is an acute observer,  mark maker; a drawer, a painter and communicator.  She has lived a fascinating life steeped in the tropics, the Hymalayas and has travelled India, from top to bottom, on her Enfield motorbike, sketching bazaars, markets, holy cows and plants. In Hong Kong, forever under construction, she busied herself with bamboo scaffolding. 

Born in 1961 in Australia, Rachel was educated in Scotland and has spent most of her adult life in Sri Lanka, India and Belgium, returning to the Scottish Borders in 2019, where she now has her studio. Rachel is an active member of The Scottish Society of Botanical Artists (SSBA), the Scottish Society of Artist Architects (SSAA) and The Scottish Society of Artists (SSA).

The other vein in her life is music:

"I play the violin".