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Torness Cup, Duns Castle 2022

I am a Landscape Architect and Painter devoted to the study of the land and what lives upon it.

Born in Australia, I was brought up in Edinburgh, The Athens of the North, a great starting point to enjoy what it means to live in a dynamic landscape, and, it was there that I studied Landscape Archtecture under the tuition of Dr John Byrom and Seamus Filor.

The tropics beckoned me by way of a 2 year scholarship from the Geoffrey Bawa Trust, to study, record and paint in the Bawa Gardens of Sri Lanka. The tropics buzz with life and the cacophony of the jungle at dawn and dusk is thrilling.


I have travelled the Indian subcontinent on my Enfield Bullet, and lived in a tiny mud and stone hut high up in the Hymalayas for many years. Prompted by my first visit to Nepal, I became fascinated by the vertical flora and habitat distincitions, thermal layers and another, more rural, dynamic landscape.

Belgium, my next port of call for 10 years was, by contrast, very quiet. I studied Dutch and Painting at the Kunst Academy in Tienen, and worked from an enviable studio, elevated and huge, overlooking the flat fields of Vlaams Brabant.

In Scotland once again, at home with the language if not the weather, I teach botanical art and ecology, I work as a consultant in landscape use and restoration, whilst continuing to paint from a somewhat smaller garden studio.

I believe that we live inside a miracle that we fail to see all too often.

Thank you for being here.


For artistic and educational work, consultancy, collaboration and commissions.

Location     Duns, Scotland

Mobile       OO44 7733 699354


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