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Torness Cup, Duns Castle 2022

About Rachel

I am a Painter and Landscape Architect devoted to the study of the land and what lives upon it. I have travelled all over Asia on my Enfield Bullet, and lived in a tiny mud and stone cottage high up in the Hymalayas for many years. This was a dream come true after I first visited Nepal, and became fascinated by the vertical flora distictions and thermal changes, and a pattern of habitation based upon walking.


Born in Australia (yes I can surf), I was brought up in Edinburgh, the Athens of the North, a great starting point to enjoy what it means to live in a dynamic landscape. The tropics beckoned me, by way of a scholarship, to study and paint in the Bawa Gardens of  Sri Lanka. The tropics buzz with life and the cacophony of the jungle at dawn and dusk is thrilling. Belgium (very quiet) was my next port of call for 10 years. There, I worked from an enviable studio, elevated and huge, overlooking the flat fields of Vlaams Brabant where I could produce many big paintings and small studies (over 1500 oil pastels) in an effort to understand and 'read' the almost impenetrable landscape, throughout all weather and seasons. You can see a few of these sketches on this site. They are an invaluable source of experience for me.


Since a child, I have always had a 'nature table' mentality. I collect, draw, paint, study and arrange; find out and interperate into larger paintings. I believe that we live inside a miracle, and, to celebrate this is my little duty in life.

I live in Scotland once again, in the Borders, at home in the ease of language (if not weather) and I am teaching at Borders College whilst continuing to paint from my garden studio. 

Thank you for being here!


For artistic and educational work, collaboration and commissions.

Location     Duns, Scotland

Mobile       OO44 7733 699354


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